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Dance & Performing Arts

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Dance Classes | Etwall


Dance can play such an important part in a child’s education where mistakes are treated as discoveries and expression is celebrated.

At Spotlight Academy, our focus will always be on the child and creating an environment where learning and creativity can be achieved in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

The length and structure of the class is based on the child's age, experience and ability, meaning that there is a class to suit your needs.

Classes are held each Wednesday at:

Drama Studio, Hathersage Building, John Port School, Main Street, Etwall, Derby DE65 6LU.

What parents say ......

"The dancing is always a joy to watch but the best thing is seeing Katie's growing confidence".  

"It was an amazing show and thank you very much for everything you do".

"You all do a fantastic job! I am so proud of Aimee. I hope she continues to grow and get as good as your older dancers who were fantastic"!