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Dance & Performing Arts

When it comes to celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday, why not have a dance party?

A dance party is a great way for youngsters to have a brilliant time and learn some new dance skills.

Firstly, a teacher or teachers (the number of teachers depends on the number of children at the party and their ages) will arrive with the sound equipment and disco lights, as well as all the music needed for the party. You can choose your favourite music in advance or you can leave that to us.

The children will be taught some fun moves and a short routine which will be performed at the end of the party. If you book a Glow Party, with the lights down low and glow sticks, the routine looks really cool!

Parties are usually over a two hour period with a break in the middle for food and drink.

A typical party schedule would look something like this:

                    ▶     Warm up

                    ▶︎     Dance-based games

                    ▶︎     Learn routine

                    ▶︎     Break

                    ▶︎     Performance

Parties can have a theme, such as princess, ballet, street dance, Disney or glow parties. If you have an idea for your own theme, we can do that too.

Dance Parties