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Dance & Performing Arts

Spotlight Academy regularly puts on shows at The Gatehouse Theatre, Stafford and The Brewhouse Arts Centre, Burton On Trent.

They are one of the highlights of our calendar, are always a huge success and are greatly enjoyed by both pupils and audiences alike.

These productions are important to the school because they provide a focal point for the children to work towards, showcase their talents and gives them an exciting opportunity to perform in front of a live audience in a professional theatre setting.

We do understand that not all children enjoy this type of environment and we always seek parental permission first.

Spotlight Academy is proud to teach to examination standard as a member of the International Dance Teachers Association or IDTA.

IDTA is a leading dance qualification’s body and membership association for professional dance teachers, with over 7000 members in over 55 countries. They define standards across the widest variety of dance, for both professionals and non-professionals of all ages and develop the skills and professional practice of their teachers.

Youngsters can take regular IDTA exams, giving parents and pupils the chance to measure their progress. We try to keep them as stress free as possible and children are never entered for exams unless we feel they have the confidence to take part.

Taking an exam is an achievement in itself and we ensure that pupils realise and are proud of this. Working towards exams does like every discipline require repetitive practise of exercise and dances. Again, it is up to parents and children to decide whether they wish to take exams.



Dance Shows